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Win Cash Payouts with Ace Reveal Wild Online Sweepstakes and Games - Logo, Aces & Poker Game Chips


Ace Phone Cards offer fantastic online promotions and exciting instant-win games at its great sweepstakes website, Ace Reveal. Ace Phone Cards provide customers with a secure and convenient platform for purchasing quality telephone airtime (phone cards) while giving customers the fun opportunity to play games and win real cash payouts at the same time. For every $1 value of phone time you buy, you get 100 free entries to play any one of several awesome, entertaining games, PLUS the chance to win big cash.  PLAY - WIN - REDEEM YOUR POINTS FOR CASH - REPEAT!  Go "WILD!"

When you link through this website and use the promo code "WILD," you'll qualify instantly to enter exciting sweepstakes and play great games.  Redeem your winnings for CASH.  - - -  We also invite your to sign-up for our email mailing list and receive more, exclusive "Wild," V.I.P. bonus play entry opportunities over time.

Win Super Sweepstakes & Online Games with Ace Reveal Wild - Free V.I.P. Entries & Poker Game Chips
Fun Games - Free to Play - Super Sweepstakes & Jackpots - Casino-Style Games - Video Poker, Slot Games, Roulette, Keno
Easy to Play - Free Online Sweepstakes & Games - Win & Redeem Large Cash Payouts
Buy Phone Call Time and Receive Free Online Sweepstakes Entries & Games Plays - Have Fun & Win Big

It's easy to go "WILD!"  Sign-up for your personal Ace Reveal account using the V.I.P. promo code: "WILD."  Login, use your credit card or account to purchase a long-distance telephone calling card and receive free instant sweepstakes entries and gaming credits.  Phone cards may be purchased for as little as one dollar  (10 minutes per dollar for U.S. calls).

Name your game.  They are all here.*  Super Sweepstakes & Progressive Jackpots.  Video Poker.  Black Jack.  One Hand & Multi Hand Games.  Roulette.  Baccarat.  Slot Games of all kinds.  Zip Tabs & Keno.  Many different "WILD" Games are ready for Big V.I.P. Payouts.  New games are added regularly.  You'll always experience a fun and exciting experience at Ace Reveal.

*90 desktop games, 10 mobile games currently available.  - See Notices.

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